RCA Board Service

Rivermont Community Association - The Property Owners Association for Rivermont in Johns Creek, Georgia. 

This blog is a record of my 2nd year on the board. 

2018 January 24th - The Annual Meeting

Same as last year, beneath the convivial surface some folks carried a sense of distance and displeasure.  Unfortunately I arrived minutes before the meeting so I was unable to do the meet and greet I had intended, especially as I knew some residents planning to attend had expressed displeasure with our 'HOA' on Nextdoor.

Our President called the meeting to order, approved minutes and welcomed our residents and guests. Our Treasurer gave his End of Year Report which I'm proud to say we are in a good financial position including the major improvements made in recent years and the rebuild of the tennis courts planned for 2018.

Next we had our Committee Reports. This should have been smooth as every committee - via chairs and/ or volunteers has made a generous time contribution this year. Unfortunately that was not the case. Our opening guests were upbeat and positive in their reports. Our first committee report was proud to tout that 95% of Change Requests submitted to the AC were completed in under 10 days! But the good streak broke - the next Committee Chair stood up and denounced previous board members and those who chaired or volunteered on this committee in the past. After two years of leading this committee - why are you still complaining? Luckily once this person yielded the floor, the mood lightened. Among the following reports we covered the beautiful new storage for the garbage bins at the clubhouse, the Rivermont Park improvements, and a downward trend in crime with an upward trend in Vacation Watches provided by JCPD. 

Can I circle back to Rivermont Park? Of course I can, you don't have to read it, but I'm gonna brag. I'm not responsible in the least for the gorgeous Chattahoochee front park, but I am proud of the vision and follow though of John Kohler our Park Chair and liaison to all necessary parties such as MRPA, Johns Creek and Fulton County! How many neighborhoods boast private access to the Chattahoochee! With years of effort our private space now has several river front swings, an observation deck, a playground, graveled trails, grill stands, and a pavilion. I love this place, my family loves this place, my dogs love this place. (Yes we pickup after ourselves and the fur kids. Leave it as good as or better than you found it!) Perhaps soon I'll write an entire post about the park and round it out with a slew of images! 

Anywhooo, back to the annual meeting. After our President presented Mr Kohler (and his wife) with an award for his major efforts to bring his park vision to reality. The election results were announced and the meeting adjourned. 

Next we had the first session with the new board. Things went surprisingly smooth as there was a clear majority or no contention for each of the officer posts. As the Architectural Committee is a living animal that must report to our residents, we also elected it's new chair as the 2017 chair is no longer a board member. Yours Truly now leads the Architectural Committee. I've got a positive outlook for the year thanks to a great group of volunteers and the knowledge that AC chairs of the past have promised to help guide me whenever I need them. Next up I just need to live up to my word to residents to give them my time, my patience and my ear.

Wish me luck - and if you're one of my neighbors - you can find my contact info on our website and in the newsletter!
TY, Jessica