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P3 Project Kick Off

P3 was named for the in store Print Pack; therefore, the Print Pack Project. Like the in store Print Pack, Service Operations and Contact Center (SOCC) Senior Director and Directors want a report that lets them know immediately if they are on track and if not which part of the business needs attention. The SOCC Real Time Analytics Team added three contractors to tackle this project: an ETL, a Tableau expert, and myself for UX.
The Senior Director wants a comprehensive control tower for his portfolio that can quickly answer 3 questions: 1) How are we doing? 2) Right now? 3) If there is an issue, where is it?

Phase one is to deliver a dashboard view to four Key Users:

  • Jay Teresi, Senior Director Customer Contact Center

  • Thad Unold, Director of HDMS Contact Center

  • Tom Virgili, Director of Home Services Contact Center

  • Sylvester Johnson, Director of HDE Operations


Week One

Attend reports meetings to learn existing users.

Week two

Create Discussion Guide for User Interviews, meet with key users, Thad, Tom and Sylvester for Discovery Interviews.
Shadow Tom’s call center representatives.
Create Empathy Maps.

Week Three

Review Print Pack Tutorial.
Review Director special request dashboards with authors.
Shadow Thad’s HDMS call center representatives.
* Noted shifting focus issue stemming from servant leadership. Directors want to first serve their direct reports which will unfortunately not deliver the final product we are aiming for in the first phase of P3.

Week Four

Shadow Sylvester’s associates in ordering and scheduling.


Define Scope and Roadmap

Week Four

Deep dive Director’s reports and surface high level needs.
Complete Product Canvas.
Begin sketches of metric visualizations.
Review progress with Jay.

Week Five

Review metrics with P3 team and Workforce Management.
Complete Product Roadmap.
Sprint planning.


Sprint 1: High level views


Week Six

Create first draft wireframe mockups.
Review progress with Jay.
* During our review with Jay, we expanded the scope to include wires for all six levels of business: Senior Director, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, Supervisors and Agents. The first dashboard release will only include the Senior Director and Director views. We expect learnings from building out all six levels may impact the higher level reports.

Week Seven

Review wires with Directors and their directs.
Research needs of Senior Managers and Managers.
Conduct Senior Manager dashboard workshop.
Continue wireframing.


Sprint 2: Midlevel views

Week Eight

Continue researching needs of Senior Manager and Managers via user workshops with BSC Senior Managers and Managers. Review Metrics, Goals and Sources of Data.
Continue wireframe iterations and new wires.
Review Midlevel wires with Senior Director.

Week Nine

User workshops with CAC Senior Managers, HDMS Managers, and Ordering Managers.
Continue wireframe iterations and new wires.
Last wire review before Winter Holidays.


Sprint 3: On the floor views

*Not real data, all fake information.

*Not real data, all fake information.

Week Ten

Continue fine tuning BSC and HDMS views via wire reviews with Senior Managers, Managers and Supervisors.
*Christmas holiday

Week Eleven

Research on the floor views and information hierarchy.
*New Year's Day holiday


Sprint 4: Visual design high level views

Week Twelve

Refine intraday high level views.

Week Thirteen

Get sign off on intraday high level views. Begin end of day high level views discussions.


Sprint 5: Finalize high level views

Week Fourteen

Research natural language summary for EOD reporting.
Present P3 Project to the At Home Services UX team to insure knowledge sharing and prevent duplication of efforts in overlapping areas.
Initiate tour of Home Depot Call Centers to investigate options and abilities for on the floor reporting.
Present updated interface to Senior Director.

Week Fifteen

Knowledge transfer and setting up a system for successful continuation and evolution of P3 without bringing back in a UX resource.


Sprint 6 & 7: Restructure Reporting

Quick turn around rapid design side by side with Analysts. A month of organizational changes and tracking customers, projects and moving goals to insure no customer fell through the cracks during the transition.



Jessica joined my Analytics team and was charged to accelerate the UX and design strategy surrounding the team’s deliverables. She guided the approach to collect end-user needs and harmonize it with multiple stakeholders , a complex information architecture with multiple phases. Our analytics team knows the data and leaned on Jessica to plan, design and help the team deliver structured and easy to use dashboards and analytics work. Her design and thoughtful approach reduced complexity and increased effectiveness and usability. She has a dynamic personality and was well liked by a team.

Justin Moore - Senior Analytics Manager


I’ve had the pleasure working on a project with Jessica at The Home Depot for several months. We worked closely to design an executive level, multi user, clean dashboard with 46 data sources. Additionally, she developed a much needed style guide for our team to consistently use as part of our Analytics branding. Jessica’s outgoing personality & professional experience would be a great addition to any team.

Susie Osborne - Senior Business Analyst


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